Send a letter to the federal government using the The No Freighter Anchorages website

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The conversation around freighter anchorages in the Southern Gulf Islands is getting more attention. Recent coverage from CBC and attention from local politicians and celebrities has led to a rise in interest and letters submitted but we need your voice.

The No Freighter Anchorages website features an easy way to tell the federal ministers who are responsible to put the safety of local residents and the environment ahead of the interests of foreign shipping companies around BC’s Southern Gulf Islands.

This website is a creation of the alliance of Salish Sea groups working on the freighter anchorages issue and is a result of your donations. If you haven’t sent a letter yet, please do so today. Once you’ve signed the letter, you’ll be given share buttons with options on how to spread the word. Please do this second step that’s equally important.

Thanks so much and stay tuned for a very exciting video release next week!

2 Comments on “Send a letter to the federal government using the The No Freighter Anchorages website”

  1. I live on Mayne Island facing Navy Channel and Plumper Sound. It is not right that the ‘protected’ S Gulf Islands are regular parking lots for loud, brightly lit freighters and that there are no limits to how long they can anchor there. In the last recession we had two car carriers there for many, many months. There are often ships there for weeks and occasionally more than a month. While boat owners on the island are told to use moorings so as to not cause damage to the sea floor these giant freighters drop anchor and swing from them. One year we had one of them drag anchor in a wind storm and end up sideways in Navy Channel before running aground on Conconi Reef. Then there is the gypsum freighter that regularly sits in Plumper while it transfers its cargo to open barges so it won’t pollute in Vancouver. Their response has been don’t worry it is natural, but so is arsenic and a host of other harmful or deadly materials. I could see the necessity of safe area in emergency situations, but unlimited, unmonitored free parking in a sensitive area is not right. Please remedy this unfortunate situation.

  2. It is completely ludicrous to me that this is even still on the table!
    Bury this concept immediately & find alternate solutions that will not negatively impact nature so horrifically!

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