Gabriolans Against Freighter Anchorages Presents The Film Sonic Sea: Sounding the Alarm on Ocean Noise

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(Media Release from Natural Resources Defense Council) Beneath the surface of our oceans lies a finely balanced, living world of sound, most of which we never hear topside. But to whales, dolphins and other marine life, sound is survival, the key to how they navigate, find mates, hunt for food, communicate over vast distances and protect themselves against predators in … Read More

GAFA presents Sonic Sea, May 16th

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Join GAFA for a screening of Sonic Sea on May 16th at 7pm. Professor Ross Chapman will answer questions on underwater acoustics. MAY 16 / DOORS OPEN AT 7PM THE ROXY, GABRIOLA ENTRANCE & REFRESHMENTS BY DONATION Sonic Sea is a 60-minute documentary about the impact of industrial and military noise on whales and other marine life. It tells the … Read More

GAFA continuing to put pressure on Transport Canada to kill anchorage application

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Derek Kilbourn, Sounder News, Tuesday, January 23 2018 The Gabriolans Against Freighter Anchorages (GAFA) continue to work to prevent the establishment of five anchorages off Gabriola’s north-east shoreline. That fight began in 2015 when it was reported in the Sounder that the Pacific Pilotage Authority and Chamber of Shipping BC were wanting a place to park Cape-sized vessels somewhere while they waited … Read More

MP Sheila Malcolmson renews call for Trudeau Liberals to honour promises and withdraw Gabriola Anchorage Proposal

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MP Malcolmson calls on Trudeau Liberals to deny five deep-sea bulk anchorages off Gabriola Island To prevent oil spills, protect local jobs and endangered species, for the second time, Nanaimo-Ladysmith MP Sheila Malcolmson has asked the Prime Minister and federal Transport Minister to axe the application for five deep-sea bulk anchorages off Gabriola December 19th, 2017 – 12:42pm Read the … Read More

Transport Canada opens Formal Review Process on Anchorages

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The first in a series of consultative sessions on the Federal Government’s Oceans Protection Plan (OPP) took place in Vancouver last Thursday. The meeting, billed as a Dialogue Forum, focused on a number of issues, including the future of Deep Sea Anchorages in the Southern Gulf Islands Region. Two representatives of Gabriolans Against Freighter Anchorages attended the meeting and came … Read More

Help protect our coasts by giving your input on the Governments Oceans Protection Plan (OPP)

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Dear supporters of GAFA, We are writing with an important and time sensitive request. The federal government has set up a website to get input into their Oceans Protection Plan. The plan (OPP)is a broad collection of initiatives designed to improve Canada’s ability to protect our oceans and coasts, which includes issues related to anchorages. We are told this site … Read More

GAFA Raises Questions About Anchorage Consultation Process

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Gabriolans Against Freighter Anchorages is asking Transport Canada to not put the interests of the shipping industry ahead of local residents and First Nations. While work begins to rewrite the rules around commercial anchorages in Canadian waters through the much touted Oceans Protection Plan, Transport Canada has agreed to allow lobbyists for the shipping industry and representatives of the Port … Read More

Time Sensitive Opportunity for Input to Ottawa Freighter Anchorages: A Threat to the Marine Ecosystem.

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The NE shore of Gabriola is still under threat of freighter anchorages. The presence of these very large freighters would put at risk the marine ecosystem that so many fish, whales, sea birds and other marine species rely on for their survival. There are a couple of Federal government websites currently asking for public input. It is important to let … Read More

Locals want voices heard as Feds form freighter anchorage plan

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September 5, 2017 – 5:30pm | By Ian Holmes |  Nanaimo News Now NANAIMO — A national strategy being developed to overhaul where and how large freighter ships can anchor has the attention of people on Gabriola Island. A previous plan by the federal government’s Pacific Pilotage Authority to create five spaces spanning most of the east side of Gabriola was … Read More

Write a Letter

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Who should I write to: Any decision to designate anchorages around Gabriola Island must be approved by the Federal Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau. The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and The Minister of Environment and Climate Change should be involved too. Note that postage is free when mailing a letter to a federal minister and written letters are much … Read More

Government’s Non-answer on Gabriola Anchorages Speaks Volumes

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OTTAWA Sheila Malcolmson, Member of Parliament for Nanaimo-Ladysmith, asked a direct question about new bulk anchorages proposed just off the coast of Gabriola Island, but it was met by a non-answer from the government. This morning in Question Period, Malcolmson asked the Minister of Transport to reject five new commercial anchorages for freighters transporting Wyoming coal to China. Malcolmson had … Read More